BMTC Volvo Bus Pass

To facilitate ticket less travel and for the convenience of regular travelers BMTC provides day passes and monthly passes.

These passes are available at/with

  • BMTC bus stand counters
  • 86 Bangalore one centers and
  • BMTC bus Conductors.

For availing the monthly pass, its also necessary for the commuters to carry a BMTC ID card. Carrying of BMTC ID cards is a must for validating BMTC Monthly passes.

To apply for a Monthly Pass ID card in person you will have to

  • Fill prescribed application form
  • Attach Address proof
  • provide 2 Passport size photos
  • and pay a Fee of Rs.100

Online Applications for the BMTC Pass can be made through this link – BMTC Pass Application

BMTC Volvo Pass Details

Vajra Gold Monthly Pass Rs. 2250
(with BMTC ID card)
Rs. 2300
(without BMTC ID card)
Unlimited travel in all services,
except VayuVajra and Bangalore
Rounds services